About Us

Our Business Partners

New Visions Vocational Services values our business partners.  We work with many employers and understand the concerns a company has when it hires an employee.  Striving for an effective and appropriate match between individuals and businesses, New Visions Vocational Services provides the following:

  • Motivated Workers
  • Job Coaching Services
  • Follow-Along Services

Our History

New Visions Vocational Services has been in business since 2010.  New Visions Vocational Services places an average of 80 to 100 individuals in jobs in their communities.  Our annual job retention rate averages 92%.  New Visions Vocational Services operates under letters of agreement and the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, agencies of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Our goal is to provide person-centered services to each individual.  We strive to place individuals in jobs in the community that are the best fit for their skills, abilities, and interests.  New Visions Vocational Services is committed to finding jobs that lead to healthy, long-term, competitive employment in an integrated setting.

It is our vision to place more individuals at jobs in the community, leading to greater understanding and acceptance individuals with disabilities.  We employ a team of employment specialists to assist in providing the support needed to benefit each individual.